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SEO dlink back plugin
version 1.1
last update date 2007-12-18
author hechuang(china)
author site   http://www.hechuang.org
if you good at seo ,you must know seo concept.

Link in pages is the most important aspect of seo.

Most people know link in but few people know link back.

Seach engines love links,they love links with text
and they love cycle of links.

simple cycle:
            Page A 
          /         <\         
         /            \
       </              \
      Page B  —>  Page C
ok,the SEO link back plugin will list popular incoming links  
this plugin will obviously improve your pagerank and minimize the cycle of links,

      Page A —>
             <—  Page B
the plugin made as a widget so you can add it to sidebar by drag and drop


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