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Monthly Archives: October 2007

13步网站优化(apache & IIS)

Earlier this year, Steve Souders from the Yahoo! Performance team published a series of front-end performance optimization “rules” for optimizing a page. This tutorial takes a practical, example-based approach to implementing those rules. It’s targeted towards web developers with a small budget, who are most likely using shared hosting, and working under the various restrictions […]


100个页面开发的开源工具 开发工具 1. Aptana The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused development environment for building Ajax applications. It features code assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, FTP/SFTP support and a JavaScript debugger to troubleshoot your code. Aptana网址 2. Eclipse Eclipse is an open-source software framework written primarily in Java. In its default […]


奔跑 我喜欢嘶嚎,这是我的语言。 不必有谁听懂,我只要这彻底的嘶嚎。 嘶嚎过后我便可以跳跃,我便可以奔跑。 奔跑早以为我所有的使命。 我所要的只是奔跑。 我带着满心的无知穿越这苍茫的大地。 无知于天籁,亦无知于人间。 我只是要奔跑。不得半点的喘息。 静谧的日子里呼啸而过, 风声击打着我的耳朵。 在狂乱的氛围中我疲惫前行, 只有心跳能够给与我鼓舞。 告诉我生命给予我的意义。 我要奔跑。我要去前方。我的灵魂早已去向哪里。我梦中的前方  



wcg2007总决赛sky vs ciara(GW)